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Barry M 'Gelly' Nail Polish ft Spring Pastels.

Most of us suffer from the painful process of the DIY manicure, hours spent with tools at the ready and re-runs of big bang theory in the background. (Fingers crossed that a new series hits the screen before i drive myself insane.) You know the drill, prepping for that perfect finish unti you inevitably damage all your hard work in one lift of a finger. So much so that I have resulted in complaining for countless hours that i am in no way fit to paint nails of any kind, my own or others! So when i saw BarryM's new arrival, Gelly HiShine, during my weekly gander of Westfield i didn't hesitate to stop, not even a second glace. That is until i couldn't avoid them if i tried, both Boots and Superdrug had these on show like the Crown Jewels. And with the 2 for £6 offer, i rethought my hasty decision and stopped to at least look at the colours. 

This was when it all started, my sudden need to find the perfect colour. I was on the hunt for a new pop of spring in my nail polish collection. And boy did i find it. Not only did i manage to grab myself the shades Blueberry, Green Berry and Prickly Pear, but i also stumbled across a colour that wasn't listed, an colour that seemed to have been forgotten, my hidden gem, Lychee! This universal shade of nude was a perfect match for my skin tone and my new partner in crime. My trip to Westfield was a few weeks ago now and i haven't turned back. The Lychee by itself is amazing, i wouldn't change a thing. It last's a good few days chip free and can even last a week with the odd imperfect nail. With one wipe of your bog standard nail polish remover it's off and your ready to go again! This goes for all of them to be honest, however when those tiny chips do arise you cannot get away with a few more days, i repeat those tiny imperfections are noticeable and will drive you insane! Instead of a clean chip the formulation almost cracks along the edge of your nail. This being said, my faith in beautiful nails has been restored. I've even started to layer Maybelline express finish 40 in the shade Flash Cosmic, which is a glitter that gives off a bluey green shine, over the top for an added spring sparkle. 

Overall fantastic, brilliant, my nails have never seen better from a, shall we call it, drug store. Next time im a tad early for work i'm going to treat myself to a Satsuma and maybe a Pomegranate? Who know's maybe i'll find another hidden gem.

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