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Beauty UK Gel FX Nail Polish.

Beauty UK Gel FX Nail Polish

Beauty UK has blown me away recently with it's incredible nail polish formulas, so of course it was no surprise that I would love their latest Gel FX collection. I was given the opportunity to test a variety of shades, and haven't worn anything since.

Beauty UK Gel FX Nail Polish

Beauty UK Gel FX Nail Polish

Midnight Iris*: dark blue.

Beauty UK Gel FX Nail Polish

Blue himalayan*: electric blue.

Beauty UK Gel FX Nail Polish

Poppy red*: vibrant red.

The formula is thick and plumping, at first I thought things would get messy but everything holds together really well and applies to the nail beautifully. Each colour has amazing pigmentation and could easily cover the nail in one coat. I would recommend two thin coats, just to take some minutes off the drying time. In comparison to standard polishes these dry in shocking time, I gave my first coat 5 minutes and the second a further 10. Because of the high gloss finish you can skip the top coat but use your favourite for longer wear. I actually managed to paint my nails on the tube, it was a twenty minute journey with enough drying time. And 3 days later I discovered my first chip. Incredible. 

One shift I was even asked if I had fake nails, apparently they looked too perfect to be real. Of course I raved on about this polish and may have even converted a few people!

Lets talk removal. I have a gel manicure kit and takes an good hour to remove. I've heard that other gel formula polishes take a while to remove as well. So of course I expected to use my entire cotton pad collection and was shocked to only need 2. One for each hand. Each nail only took seconds to clean. I was seriously impressed. A few things I will mention is that the brush is quite small, this polish and a thicker flatter brush (essie-like) would be perfection. Another is that the colour range is quite limited, with only 6 shades. I am praying that a few pastel shades make the cut!

What do you think about the Beauty UK Gel FX Nail Polish? Have you tried any gel style formulas?

Gem. x

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