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The Long Bob.

When I was younger I always imagined myself with Rapunzel hair. But after 21 hopeful years I've decided to embrace what my mumma gave me! After cutting off a very wispy five inches I've joined The Lob Mob and I can't believe I didn't do it sooner.

Reasons why I love my lob.

  1. Styling has become enjoyable! I used to sit on my bedroom floor with numb legs and burnt fingers from curling irons. Now I can add a bit of texturising spray or dampen the ends and eat breakfast with my hair in a bun for natural looking waves. Think of all the time I'll be saving. Presses snooze for the third time. 

  2. I have control. With long hair it was getting caught in bags, I was finding bits on my trousers and clumps caught in zips. But since getting it cut that doesn't happen. I can tuck my hair behind my ears and know that it isn't going to be blowing around my face. Which gives me time to relax.

  3. Volume baby! That's right, my long hair was heavy and giving my locks some umph just wasn't an option. Now that the weight has been lifted my hair feels fuller and stronger.

  4. Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes, Just gonna have to be a different woman! There is not better time than now for a new look. It may be just a fringe, a new colour or a completely new style. So if your on the fence about booking that all important hair dressed appointment, bite the bullet and make that change! I bet you'll feel amazing for it.

What hair changes have you been dreaming of? Are you sporting a new style?

Gem. x