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The A-Z of my wardrobe.

Now that Autumn is officially upon us, I've been thinking long and hard about my transition into the next season. My head is full of questions. Do my boots need reheeling? What needs replacing? Which styles will I opt for? And so before I started planning, I decided to sit down and write an A-Z of my wardrobe. What I'm aiming for and what I want it to become.

So far I've managed to work out what's missing, what to get rid of and a few new ways to style the basics. Whenever I see new pieces or something that inspires me, I take a look at this to keep me on track. Imagine simple silhouettes, lots of texture and attention to detail. So here we go...

A is for, Artisan.
B is for, Breton all year round.
C is for, Capsule wardrobe.
D is for, Denim.
E is for, Embroidery.
F is for, Flannel fabrics.
G is for, Gilet.
H is for, Herringbone.
I is for, Intricate.
J is for, Jacquard.
K is for, Khaki.
L is for, Layering.
M is for, Manageable.
N is for, Navy, of course.
O is for, Organic materials.
P is for, Power dressing.
Q is for, Quality.
R is for, Recycled, giving items a second lease of life.
S is for, Simplicity.
T is for, Tailoring.
U is for, Unique prints.
V is for, Velvet.
W is for, Wool.
X is for...
Y is for...
Z is for...

I thought it would be helpful for those of you that are looking to revamp your wardrobe for autumn. A little dose of inspiration. So grab a pen and get started on your own! Let me know if it helps, and if you find something for x,y,z! 

Gem. x